BFM Business

High-end box including a bespoke USB drive with an interactive interface and booklet designed to enhance the advertising offers from BFM Business and BFM TV.

Bon Jovi – Greatest Hits

A limited USB Drive with special packaging including 30 hit songs (2CD’s) + 17 original videos (1 DVD).

Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau

Guitar-shaped USB stick embedding mini flash website about the city of Memphis

Lady GaGa – The Fame Monster

Limited USB edition of The Fame Monster album with special CD-size packaging and complete audio/video material. SOLD OUT

The Stone Roses – 20th anniversary collector’s edition

Lemon shaped USB containing re-mastered album, audio/video rarities all embedded in a bespoke flash interface featuring media player, picture gallery and many extras.

The Hours x Damien Hirst

Limited skull USB edition of See the Light album featuring exclusive Damien Hirst design, special packaging and bespoke audio/video flash interface.

The Streets – Everything Is Borrowed

limited lighter-USB edition of new album w/ special packaging and bespoke flash interface

Portishead – Third

Limited USB edition of Third album including music, video and interactivity.