Portishead – Third

Limited USB edition of Third album including music, video and interactivity.

This USB memory stick is made in white rubber and shaped like the Portishead ‘P’.

It is included here as part of a limited edition numbered box-set that also includes double-vinyl LP, single-sided etched 12’’ and limited edition print from Nick Uff.

USB memory stick has 1GB capacity and contains the full “Third” album as 320kbps encoded MP3′s, and an Adobe Flash Player 9.0 r115 stand-alone program which allows you to play the 320kbps MP3′s and the Flash Videos (720×576 resolution).

There are also further resource files to aid the video title screen to work on both PC’s and Apple Macs, and verification files for many Portishead country websites. In addition, when the “P3″ Flash Player is played, as well as the 11 audio MP3 tracks and the 5 Flash Videos, the title screen includes a link to a website, this asks for an email address, uses files on the USB drive to verify ownership of a valid product, and then allows you to access additional online content (initially this was going to be from 1 July 2008, then delayed to start from 1 August 2008).