Bob Dylan – Original Mono Recordings + Witmark Demos

Promotional item inspired by the original Columbia-label design. Containing Bob Dylan’s first 8 albums reproduced from their first generation mono mixes + unreleased studio-demos from 1962-1964

This USB stick contains 320kbps MP3 versions of Bob Dylan’s first eight 12-inch LPs, as most people heard them, as they were expected to be heard, and as most often they were meant to be heard: in mono.

Bob Dylan [1962]
The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan [1963]
The Times They Are A-Changin’ [1964]
Another Side Of Bob Dylan [1964]
Bringing It All Back Home [1965]
Highway 51 Revisited [1965]
Blonde On Blonde [1966]
John Wesley Harding [1967]
The Witmark Demos [1962-1964]

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