digital solutions

recordmemorypremierTM solutions will help recording labels, movie studios and publishers with:

  • bespoke usb devices and licensed products
  • enhanced content value of media properties & characters
  • high-end packaging to retail


content/media convergence

usb device can merge different types of digital content, including video, text, sound, web apps… and allow multiple user experiences from a single media: usb-port are available on computers, tv set, videogame pads, laptops, tablets, smartphones…


thinking physical and digital at the same time might be the definitive winning strategy for content owners ; it increases digital sales and enhances the value of digital content via physical format.


recordmemorybrandTM solutions include:

  • standard or bespoke usb devices
  • in-house or branded media content
  • specific software needs for CRM, access-key


new media, existing market

memory devices enable the supply of physical sales channels with innovative products as well as opening new sales opportunities for your content.


the emergence of digital convergence has provided traditional corporate communication departments, institutions and newsgroups with the same tools and challenges ; using recordmemory products and services will enable you to extend your audience, provide customer loyalty and increase brand awareness.


recordmemoryliveTM solutions will enhance the value of live events, by providing:

  • on-site audio/video recording
  • on-demand direct-to-USB multi-duplication
  • instant distribution to the public of the show


digital content, physical customer experience

our expertise in custom-shaped usb memory stick bring endless possibilities for your content to start performing on the shelf!


sports organization, theatres and musicals, festivals, theme parks, trade shows and fashion shows are now focused on providing the best digital experience to the audience, creating an emotional experience with the artists.